Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Blogging Duty

I so haven't been in the mood to blog lately. I don't know why. It's been a busy couple of weeks. The weather has changed. My allergies are steadily kicking my butt. Alex has been keeping us busy with her softball games. And Zack... well, he's grounded from ALL video games this week for waiting until 30 minutes after his bedtime the night before his book report was due to announce that he still had to write a presentation for it. And Nick has been warned that if he lets Zack play video games - and I find out - that I will take the power cords to the video game consoles to work with me everyday for two weeks.

I can be such a jerk, huh? But I'll bet Zack doesn't put off his homework like that anymore... Did I mention that he had three weeks to do this book report?

What else? Oscar De La Hoya lost the fight last weekend - and I could barely keep my eyes open for it (despite coughing up $65 for it) because it didn't even start until 11:30 PM out here. Come on. How ridiculous is that? The 11:30 start time. Don't even get me started on the $65 price tag.

Me and Stacy are trekking up to NYC this weekend to pick up some cousins who are coming to visit. They got a DIRT CHEAP price on a round-trip non-stop flight -- but not to DC, only to New York. For the money they're gonna save, they can fill my tank buy dinner and still be ahead by hundreds of dollars.

Finally, I had my first Page One story in the paper. The Pentagon pulled the plug on sites like MySpace, YouTube and PhotoBucket, blocking them from government computers. That means the soldiers in Iraq, too...

Big storm headed this way as I type this. Possible tornado watch (or warning. I can never remember the difference) later. The cold front of the storm mixing with the heat that we had today (it hit 85) makes for tornado conditions and ugly humid air.

I bet it was nice and sunny in California today!


liz said...

blog, sammy!! how else will i be able to keep up with you? dude, i can't believe oscar lost. what a let down. LET DOWN. i can totally see you taking the power cords. better just take them now y ya.
so i will have to go back and read your page one story. you should try and get the plate from your production facility and frame it. congrats! lets talk this week??!!
oh, and your basement is perfect for tornado weather. just make sure you have plenty of herradura. : )

liz said...

new post about something like i'm soooo excited i'm going to see my new BFF in a little less than two weeks?
just saying...
: )