Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stop The Networking

I think it's getting out of control - the whole social networking thing. For me? Maybe. But I mean in general. It started by doing research for a story I was working on. LinkedIn. I sent a bunch of invitations. Facebook. My friend list is growing. The latest? Twitter. It's this insanely useless feature where you randomly hammer out a 140-character answer to the question, "What Are You Doing?" Think Text Message responses. I've been messing around with these sites all day and I'm starting to get a headache.

I know. What's up with the blog? No new entries in like a week or two. Oh the shame of it all... Where do I begin?

We had company. Gary, Jackie, Sean and Shannon came to visit. They got this great rate on a flight to NY, instead of DC. So Stacy and I got up on a Saturday morning and took this trek into NY to pick them up. How hard could it be, right? They fill my tank and maybe buy dinner and we're even. I had it planned out so Stacy and I would cut over from New Jersey to Brooklyn, hang out at Coney Island for a couple of hours and then cruise over to JFK. But it was raining. And there was some major traffic backup coming off the Turnpike into NY. So we had to reroute through Staten Island, a way I had never been before. I had to stop and get gas, buy a NJ state map and make my way there... The traffic getting over the Verrazano Bridge was horrible - but we finally made our way into Queens and over to JFK - with THREE MINUTES to spare. It was a nice visit with them, though they were busy people. Gary had been reading tour books for weeks and knew everyplace he wanted to see. And once he had the Metro all figured out, they were gone...

Donna also stopped by for a one-night visit. She was only in DC for a couple of days so she came home with me from work one night so she could hang out and see Stacy and the kids. It was nice... Our newly remodeled guest room has really been getting some use.

Stacy and Nick both finished school. They both got A's. But it was a tough end-of-the-semester with the tests and papers and all that. In the end, I'm very proud of them both.

OK. Here comes my pledge again to blog more often. I think about it - but then I just decide against it. After sitting in front of a computer all day, sometimes, the last thing I want to do is write even more. Ugh. Sometimes, I just need some mind-numbing, no-brainer TV (which is why I love to TiVo SouthPark.)

Next Blog Entry Coming Soon...

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liz said...

dude, you need to tell me about facebook.