Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Birthdays That Last Forever...

Remember when you were a kid and wished that your birthday would never end? Wasn't there even a movie about this??? Anyway, Zack got that wish this past weekend - or so it seemed.

Saturday was the party with his friends - a swim party at the indoor aquatic center. Two hours of swimming, then pizza, games, cake and ice cream and presents. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and his smile was a mile wide.

Then came Sunday and a trek out to Mt. Vernon for some sightseeing - My Mom and Dad, Tia Nena, Tio Ray and Roc are here visiting. After MV, we headed over to TGIFridays for dinner. And, of course, the waiters and crew all sang the Friday's Happy Birthday Song to him...

Technically, his birthday was Monday. After Alex's softball game and his previously-scheduled campfire scout meeting, we all came home had dinner (he asked for his mom's enchiladas) and then - once again - sang Happy Birthday and had cake and ice cream.

When he finally went to bed that night, I asked him how his birthday was and teased him about the three-day celebration. His response: "Dad, this was the greatest birthday ever."


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