Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's A Father-Son Thing

It's time for the Cub Scout's annual Pinewood Derby Race - only Zack and I are totally rookies at this. His scoutleader gave him the starter kit - basically a rectangular piece of pinewood with some grooves cut out for the wheel axles. From there on, we're on our own.

OK. So maybe I didn't do the best job at carving out this thing. The yellow paint and our "lightning bolts" hide some of the gashes I created with the power saw. And yeah, I know you're not supposed to use power tools - but I'm sure there were plenty of dads out there taking modern-day shortcuts to make sure these little cars go flying down the track.

Whatever. This was hardly about the car or the race. This was about dad and son spending the day together, going to the hobby shop to pick out cool stickers (that say "Turbo") and paint for the finished product. Zack chose Yellow with Red and Black for the lightning bolts, stripe down the hood and the Red "Z" painted in the back seat.

The way I see it - maybe he'll win some sort of trophy. Maybe he won't. But either way, it was really nice spending the day with my boy - enjoying his childhood innocence and imagination as we worked hand-in-hand, carving and sanding and painting. No matter how the race turns out, I was the biggest winner for getting to spend my day with him...

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liz said...

sammy, this is a sweet memory. keep the car!