Tuesday, March 27, 2007

He Got A Trophy

OK. Everyone who participated got a trophy.

But the Sam-and-Zack Pinewood Derby car held its own at the event last night, which I gotta say was actually a lot of fun. There was this whole bracket organization to it that involved heats and rankings and runoff races. I don't pretend to understand HOW they did it - all I know is my kid's car hit that track a good 9 or 10 times and, of those, his car WON five times.

It was an elimination tournament so, as much as those wins were great, the losses also took him out of the running for the championship. But whatever, we yelled and screamed as the cars jumped out of the gate. We cheered and high-fived when his car crossed the finish line first.

I was late for the event - text-messaging Stacy as I was on the subway heading home. But I got there just in time for his races - and he'd been on the lookout for me. He spotted me the second I walked in the door... and his face lit up.



liz said...

Orale Zack!
Where's the video, dude?

Sammy said...

you know me sooooo well. I'll upload it tonight and re-publish later

Nick said...

Thats one for the good times in life.