Thursday, January 25, 2007

Text 1, Text 2...

So Zack sent me a text message today.

Zack: H
Zack: Hi dad how are you
Zack: Give me a text back love zack

My phone was on vibrate on my desk and I missed the messages. Later, once I got on the train, I sent him a note back and we had this little dialogue. (He's still kind of a slow texter.)

Me: U there?
Zack: Hi Where are you?
Me: On the train. Where are u?
Zack: I am on your bed
Me: Don't make it stinky
Zack: I'm not going to uncle nick is.
Me: Tell him he better not. I'm in my truck now. Be home in a few minutes.
Zack: Dad be careful. it's really cold.
Me: 26 degrees Brrrr (My truck tells me the outside temp)
Zack: No way jose.

OK. What kid texts "No way jose"?? At 8 years old. He cracks me up...

So I get home and he's all excited, waving around the cell phone, "That was cool, huh, dad?"

It was cool that we had that little time to interact. It was still "our" time. Father and Son. I have a feeling I may have to boost our text message plan soon.

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Liz said...

dude, you text but why can't you check your messages? this was a really funny post. zack is funny.