Friday, January 26, 2007


There's a word. Blustery. Is that supposed to mean that it's not quite cold enough for your skin to blister. A few weeks ago, everyone was talking about how warm it was - 73 degrees in early January.

Well, winter has arrived. And it brought the wind with it. Now, I get it. All these years. The cold weather back east that they'd talk about on the news back home - right before they started talking about a chilly 52 degrees and a mild 68 in the day around the bay. Yeah, I remember it... And this is just DC cold - not like Boston or Minnesota or Green Bay cold. AND there's no snow. All the stuff that stuck the other day is pretty much gone.

It actually did snow today and pretty got pretty heavy for there for a while, a steady stream blowing in the wind. It was pretty to look at but none of it stuck. Now it's clear. And still cold. Really cold.

Blustery cold.

So what exactly is blustery? Wind chill makes things blustery, it appears. So the 19 degrees in Rockville this morning will actually feel like 2. No I didn't miss a number. That's "2," as in degrees. TWO. Tomorrow's high? 31.

(Did you hear that? Was that one of my bones crackling?)

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Liz said...

in the east, it's blustery. here in texas, we get a wintry mix. i don't really know what that means, but its usually cold and icy when weather forecasters call it.