Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Middle School

I went to the middle school where Alex will start in the fall. That was an experience.

First, I can't even get over that my little girl is heading into middle school. She's still my baby girl and it's hard to see her get so big so fast. Kindergarten was hard enough. But middle school, an evil place with combination lockers, dressing out, pimples and pre-pubescent boys. Here we go...

Second, I am blown away by the type of education these kids are getting out here. In public school. There were teachers who were talking about classes these kids need to take and what paths they need to be on to get a jump start on high school and even college. There's resources and activities - sports, music, art, theater. That's all the stuff that went away years ago back home.

There was this one teacher who made me laugh when he said that there is nothing like the look of a new sixth-grader who becomes frantic when he can't remember his locker combination and someone says the buses are leaving. It's why he keeps teaching.


I'm excited about the experience she'll have there. All I can say is: Class President by the 8th grade. You read it here first. I know my kid.

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