Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Wearing The Dad Hat

We spent the evening in DC on Monday, first to see the Cherry Blossoms that everyone is ooh-aahing about. (They're the same as the trees that line my neighborhood in the burbs, only without the thousands of other people in your space.) Later, we hooked up with cousin Bobby and Jade, who were in town for Jade's class trip. They were headed to NYC early the next morning so we ducked into their hotel over by the Pentagon and had a late dinner with them. By the time we headed out, it was 1030 pm and we still had a hefty Metro ride home. There was a hotel shuttle that was just getting ready to leave to go to the Metro at Pentagon City. By now, Zack was dragging and Alex was slowing down. We hopped on a yellow line train into DC. We'd have to change trains once at Chinatown and then we'd settle in for a 30 minute ride home. Zack sat on the floor at my feet, leaning into my legs as we waited on the platform at Chinatown. Finally, the train came and we settled in. He managed to put his head on my lap and scrunch into the other seat to resemble something like lying down. He stayed this way until the stop before ours. I had to start waking him to get off the train and walk to the car. By the time we got home, I just threw him over my shoulder and carried him into the house and upstairs unto bed. The kid is 8 and hefty already and my back is already feeling it...

Cute picture, huh?

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