Thursday, April 5, 2007

My Tile Floor

OK. I admit it's a pretty simple floor - basic cuts and some creative technique around the toilet. But I did it. Yes, this is a bathroom floor - our guest powder room, if you will. It was this hideous blue before (more pics to come later) but we pretty much gutted it. I tore out the sink, toilet, wall fixtures, and far too many anchor screws. I taught myself how to do drywall repair - a first for me - on this job. And we patched a lot of holes. I replaced a couple of valves for the faucet and toilet. There was a lot of sanding - the drywall patchwork area and the paint off the doorjambs. I painted the other day - the walls are some earthy beige color, very soft and "airy and open" because it's so small in there.

Today, I did all the measurements and cuts for the tile. I had bought a tile saw back when I put down tile in the dining room at the house in Morgan Hill. Before I could use it again, I had to run down to Home Depot for a new blade - ka-ching. $40. After that, I was a tile-cutting maniac. It took all day but this is what it will look like. Tomorrow, I'll mix the mortar and secure the tile to the subfloor backerboard and then grout it. If you ask me, and I'm pretty sure you didn't, I think it turned out pretty damn good considering I'm still a rookie.

Still to do: Install medicine cabinet (waiting in the garage), buy and install a light fixture, install toilet (tile grout has to settle for a few days.), buy and install sink, towel bars, shelves and TP holder.

Spring vacation was supposed to be about working on the house and spending time with the kids. We've hung out - the family. (We even went bowling the other day.) I'm glad I'm getting something accomplished this week. So far, so good. I hope to be finished with the bathroom by Saturday.

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