Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Triple Threat

Spotted on Connecticut Avenue near Kensington MD. She's probably all of 19. Maybe 20, driving a tahoe or Suburban. At one point while we're driving, I notice her foot hanging out of the window, near her driver's side mirror. Yeah, her foot. So she's driving one-footed. OK. Safe? Not really. But doable? Sure.

We're side by side for a while and Alex and I notice that she's on the phone now. Foot hanging out the window, one hand on the phone, concentrating on the conversation. Where does driving come into the equation? So we pull up to a red light, where I shot this picture. And now she's got her foot hanging out of the window, talking on the phone and applying some eye makeup of some kind. So I shot a picture.

And my daughter learned something about safe driving and acceptable behavior behind-the-wheel.

When that light turned green, she darted across two lanes of traffic, cutting off the guy next to me (in the pic) and me, so she could make a left turn at the light. She got a honk of the horn from both of us and, in return, she gave us the finger.

I bet her parents would be proud. Wouldn't that be cool if they somehow stumbled upon this blog entry in the blogosphere?


liz said...

unbelievable. the only thing missing was for the vehicle to be a piece of caca.

liz said...

seriously, dude, new post, please? you are, like, soooooo far behind, and there's lots happening in your life. step away from the facebook just for a moment so you can blog.