Monday, March 12, 2007

Hey Dad! Tio Tony wants you on the phone.

My Tio Tony called me the other day. Actually, it was a couple of weeks ago, when it snowed. My Tio Tony is the oldest of the family - the Diaz family, my dad's side. He just turned 80 last summer and there was a big bash for him in Vegas. He's a pretty sharp guy for being 80 - so much so that I forget that he's getting up there. He and my Tia Veva have grandkids my age.

That's him in the picture above, seated in the center. His son, my cousin Andy, is standing above him. Seated, my dad, Charlie, is on the left. (I'm standing above him.) On the right is my Tio Angel. My cousin Vince (we call him Chente) is standing above him. This is from the big party last summer in Vegas.

Anyway, he called a couple of weeks ago because he'd heard about the weather out here. That's very typical of my Tio Tony. A lot of people will see something on the news that's happening where a loved one is but won't think to call or send an email to see if things are OK. I'm just as guilty. My Tio Tony calls...

So we talked for a while - and it was great because he was just shooting the breeze. He asked about the move and the adjustment out here. How were the kids? Stacy? How was she adjusting? The whole bit... And then he asked me about me. Of course, I told him I was fine and even joked that I work too many hours and practically have two lives - one in a downtown building during the weekdays and one in the burbs on nights and weekends.

And then there was a "mijo moment". He kind of scolded me about working so much that I don't get to enjoy my family. The kids will grow up fast, he said.

"Take time to enjoy your family, mijo."

I take that as sound advice from a guy who has held the "Head of the Family" title since my Grandma died in 1984 - almost 23 years ago. Despite all of our differences and the drama that goes on sometimes (I've been in plenty of it, so I have no business talking about anyone.), family is still family is still family.

Thanks for the call, Tio Tony. It's always great to hear from family.

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Liz said...

Great post, Sammy. Funny, I read this and it reminded me of my Daddy. When he says, "Ay viene tu tio Tony," he's talking about the cops!