Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ten Days Later...

This blog thing really has a way of dissolving unless you really stay on it. Life goes on and days pass by... Let's see, since my last post:

* Indianapolis Colts beat the Chicago Bears 29-17 in Super Bowl XLI (That's 41) in a pouring down Sloppy Bowl in Miami. I won $20. Lost way more than that. But, * tter. They lost the week before. This week was much much better. Zack also got an A on his speech about Nat King Cole for Black History Month.

* Steve Jobs posted an open letter to the record labels, calling for an end to DRM software in music downloads. Basically, it's the technology that forces you to play music that you bought from iTunes on an iPod only. He even raised the possibility of licensing his technology for a fee - an idea that the recording industry jumped on. The jury's still out. Check it out.

* It snowed. Only a little bit. Did I mention that already? This time they closed school. They shouldn't have. It didn't snow the whole rest of the day. But it did leave a nice couple of inches, enough for a couple of hours of playing. It's actually supposed to be snowing again as I type this - but I can't tell because I'm in the basement. It's supposed to turn to ice anyway. Great!

* Stacy scored her first contract for the school. She researched the information, wrote a proposal, facilitated a meeting of both parties, negotiated the terms and closed the deal. She's really doing a great job at that school.

* Josh Kwan came to town so everyone came over here to hang out for lunch - us, lori and spencer and cecelia and oltac. and kids too. it was cool just hanging out. a bunch of san jose friends.

Overall, it was a pretty cool nine days. I'll try to stay committed to this blog. It's tough... But wait until you hear what I'm trying to pull off for Valentines Day... If it happens, it will be so cool.

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