Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day...

... a day late, no less.

The idea was a good one. Every year since Stacy and I have been going out, we went to dinner at a small little Italian joint in Fresno, called Mike's Pizzeria (the one on West and Shields.) I hear the pizza is great - but we've only ever had their calzones. Even when we moved, we still went to Fresno on the weekend before or after V-Day for dinner. Then came the big move and last year's V-Day away from home - and no Mike's dinner.

This year, with the help of my cousin Sylvia, my Tia Chunca and cousin Jade, Mike's was being delivered for V-Day dinner. A calzone for everyone, packed in dry ice and shipped overnight via UPS. It was a great idea.

Then came the storm. And apparently, UPS doesn't follow the Post Office's "neither rain nor snow nor sleet..." motto. Because dinner never arrived. And the price for the overnight service? Yeah, UPS doesn't offer refunds for weather-related delays. Instead, Stacy made dinner and I ended up "telling" her what I'd planned.

The UPS guy showed up around 11 Thursday morning and we planned to have them for dinner. They were good - filling and just as scrumptuous as always.

* Thumbs-up to Mike's Pizzeria, Syl, Tia Chunca and Jade.
* Thumbs down to Mother Nature and UPS.

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Liz said...

dude, you really are a romantic at heart! ... tia chunca? i love it!